Company Profile

The Forecourt Bureau of Ireland was established to provide an independent advisory service to the petroleum industry.

The company is owned and managed by Oliver Lupton an oil industry professional with over 40 years experience in the Oil Industry. Oliver worked with Mobil Oil for fifteen years commencing with Mobil Oil Ireland in Dublin and transferring to Mobil Oil Zimbabwe(Rhodesia) and Mobil Oil Malawi, Central Africa for ten years.

His induction in the industry consisted in a hands-on grounding in the following functional skills :-costing, stock controls, accounts, transport, shipping and warehousing, lubricant uses and applications, operations personnel supervision.

He specialised in retail petrol station controls and management, managing 17 petrol outlets in Malawi, Central Africa directly, with local staff and providing sales management for 17 dealer operated sites in Malawi. He also oversaw the introduction of Ethanol, produced from sugar cane, as a petrol additive for foreign currency saving while in Malawi. Product education and training was conducted by Oliver during this time.

On returning to Ireland in 1983, Oliver joined Tedcastles Oil Products as Retail Development Manager providing the research and development expertise and impetus to develop the TOP branded outlets. Investment contracts were negotiated by Oliver and implemented. The total number of outlets which operated under the TOP brand when Oliver left Tedcastles was 180. The first site was one kerb side pump in Dublin in 1984 with the largest outlet in 1997 pumping 25,000 gallons a week from four pumps on one forecourt.

The Forecourt Bureau is now providing a Public Information service through monitoring the media for international changes in prices etc. and has been a profitable common sense adviser to many retailers and distributors in the Oil Industry over a number of years.

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