The Forecourt Bureau will undertake negotiation on behalf of petrol retailers in dealing with fuel suppliers, planners, equipment suppliers, solicitors, or agents, architects and builders where required.

The Forecourt Bureau will undertake assessments of value and worth of supply Agreements at any stage and advise on the optimum benefit for client retailer and dealer etc.

Association of Petroleum and Explosives Administration

Getting The Best Deal

Forecourt Bureau is a member of the APEA and has access to the extensive records from which to source relevant data to assist clients in service station development.

We will assess the value of the supply Contract for the retailers and advise through negotiation what real value the business should be achieving in return for “loyalty” to supplier.

In the event of disputes the Forecourt Bureau will mediate and advise the best options for resolution should disputes arise mid term.

Texaco Spar Fermoy

[Formerly McCarthy Motors Fermoy] the most successful outlet of the
H2 Group negotiated by Forecourt Bureau when the industry reckoned it was a dead duck !! just one of many successful projects.


The FBI will assess the potential of your chosen location and the potential worth of the existing business, giving advice and guidance on potential in the area for growth.

The suitability for expansion and likely competitive action into the future will also be assessed. The planning activity and zoning will be reviewed to ensure no future negative impact on a major investment. An economic model will be provided based on the potential assessments and a recommendation for action.


The cost of the service provided by the Forecourt Bureau will be recovered as part of the service provided either as savings in the negotiations or direct input from investor.

Forecourt Bureau will endeavour to recover the cost of the services from the investor. All other costs will be agreed in advance.


Where counselling and overview is sought a time related fee will be charged.

Project One
Kiltale Service Station

Acquisition of a failed business which was turned into a very successful modern service station.

Project Two
Finglas Service Station

Back to back Lease negotiated by Forecourt Bureau to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Project Three
Great Gas Service Station

Unmanned site negotiated and satisfied customer.

Project Four
Circkle K site at Ratoath

Trouble Shooting in difficult negotiating circumstances.
Details discussed on a one to one basis only for reasons of confidentiality.