Service Station for Sale .- South West

Service station in busy south west of Ireland town for sale. This business is enjoying a very strong Shop,Deli and Pizza business together with a busy forecourt. Potential for growth is exceptional due to major national infrastructural investment commening 2024. Supply contract with current fuel suppliers is due to expire in 3 months time. 3 […]

Ethanol E 10

In 1979-1980 the small country of Malawi in central Africa introduced ethanol as a foreign currency saver. This was relevant and doable for Malawi because the country produced very high level of sugar cane . The production of Ethanol from sugar was initiated and successfully introduced to all petrol vehicle at the 15% level. Yes […]

Retailers and Card Skimming (copied from APEA Bulletin Magazine)

This article examines both of these insidious criminal activities in more detail and provides useful tips on how to avoid becoming the next victim. Card skimming Card skimming is the theft of credit and debit card data and personal identification numbers (PIN) when the user is at an automated teller machine (ATM) or point of […]

Ad Blue (copied from APEA Bulletin)

Why Ad-Blue is Not Green By Paul Stapleton, Director Geo2 Ad Blue has been regarded in the past as a ‘green’ product. Investigations by Geo2 as part of a forecourt redevelopment suggested otherwise. A major UK fuel producer and retailer commissioned Geo2, a land remediation specialist, to manage environmental matters during the redevelopment and expansion […]

E V (copied from APEA Bulletin)

The EV Revolution – Are We Playing with Fire?By Nick Needs, McLean Events, Conferences & Media LtdThe intention of this cautionary tale is not to unnerve fuel retailersor to influence the opinion of those looking to invest in an electricvehicle, its purpose is to highlight the need to future-proof our EVinfrastructure against degradation and mitigate […]

Fuel Prices

The major influence on fuel prices over the past twelve months has been the weakening Euro against the dollar. The other influences are, price hikes by producers with reduction in production and the demand effect of the war in Ukraine perpetrated by the invasion by Russia in February 2022 which has affected core exports from […]

Petrol Prices July 22

Company Date Unleaded Diesel Price reports will shortly be behind a pay wall. This has become necessary to continue the service. It will be quite reasonable but is essential. More anon! Campus 29/03 160.70 172.41         Circle K 26/03 161.98 179.60 Texaco 29/03 164.56 177.51 Maxol 29/03 159.70 172.42 Emo 29/03 165.20 […]