In 1979-1980 the small country of Malawi in central Africa introduced ethanol as a foreign currency saver. This was relevant and doable for Malawi because the country produced very high level of sugar cane . The production of Ethanol from sugar was initiated and successfully introduced to all petrol vehicle at the 15% level. Yes 15% . The only difficulty with this from a vehicle aspect was the reaction between the ethanol and fibreglass tanks in the ford F 250 half truck. Some separation due to moisture but otherwise it was a success.
The currenct frenzy about Ireland moving to 10% mix of ethanol and petrol seems very mush over the top and largely unjustified .

As it is seen here to be a contributer to carbon emmission reduction there should be NO panic and no doubt the whole exerciase will be a smooth and simple transition.

Perhaps some of the mandarins on the media “expert” panels might actually do some research and provide “informed” comment rather then cow towing to the social media misinformation and fake news brigade.

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